Maria is a feet-saver. I was in a winter funk so I stopped getting pedicures for a few months (I know terrible, don't judge me) so by time I went to Maria today, my feet were looking all kinds of busted. In top of that I'm very physically active so my feet take a daily beating. Let's just say thank god for socks right? Nevertheless Maria saved the day. She was very gentle but efficient with tackling my crusty feet LOL. By time she was done, I could have been a foot model. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating. She did an extreme makeover on my feet. My feet were super soft and the skin felt like it belonged to a baby. I don't remember the last time I actually had super soft feet. I think I was five LOL. For someone to get my super dry feet which are prone to looking BUSTED, feel and look amazing has to be extremely talented. Long ago I accepted the fact that there is no one out there who can take on my feet. I've gotten tons of pedicures in the past and oftentimes I was left with pretty nails but my skin on the heel of my feet still felt dry and rough. Maria has won the war against my crusty feet and I thank her. She didn't even break a sweat. For now on Maria will be my new go to lady. I'm still in shock at how amazing my feet look. The prices are actually extremely reasonable too. In fact if she charged 90 bucks on my feet, I would have paid it because that's how good she is. However the pedicure was only 35 which was cheap in my book. I'll just say if she was able to get my feet to look amazing, she can handle anyone out there. Needless to say I highly recommend Los Encinos Nail Spa.

Kia R.

I got a Brazilian wax with Gail. She was amazing! It was the fastest Brazilian wax I have ever gotten. She used a kiwi wax which leaves your skiing soft and without irritation. She's been waxing for over 20 years & you can tell she knows what she's doing.

Natalie R.

Just went to this salon for the first time because it is near my work and they had an on-line special coupon. Oh my! It was the best Mani & Pedi I ever had. Maria took one look at my horrible nails (hadn't had a manicure in a very long time) and took them on as a challenge! They have never looked this good, seriously. The pedicure was also fabulous. Maria uses a new disposible file for every customer, so it was so clean and hygienic. One toe was not perfect so she totally did it over (I could barely tell there was a problem). It is a litle pricey, but honestly, worth it!

Lisa L.

I love this place. Maria is simply the best, she is sweet and friendly, talkative but not to the point of being nosy or annoying. She definitely spends extra time on your hands and feet without those insane extra charges for wraps or rubs. The place is nice and clean with a parking lot in the back. So as you can see, I really enjoy this place. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed :)

Carla M.

First of all, this place is NOT for people who are in a rush and who like the old-fashioned mani/pedi's that actually pamper you. I have been going to the salons with names like "Super Nail" or "Happy Nail and Foot" and was happy with the prices, but not the service.

The prices are a tad higher than the hurry up "Super Nail" places, but by the time you add on the flowers, massage, callous remover, parafin dips, etc., you are paying the same amount!!!!!

Massage, callous remover, parafin dips, french tip, etc. is included in their mani/pedi!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

I went to Donna, who has well over 30 years experience and knows what she is doing and how to do it. I am so glad to have found this place!!!!

Jennifer M.